here is an interesting site to see complaints on "cat breeders"



Your Persian will be a member of your family for many years , so take great care to select the right kitten/cat for your family.
To avoid many of the problems encountered by new kitten/cat owners & save yourself a lot of heartache do not impulsively purchase that cute kitty, without doing some research first.
Impulse buying has no place in pet ownership.
Purchase your kitten/cat from a reputable registered Persian breeder. Preferably a Persian breeder who is active in exhibiting their cats/kittens. .
This gives you the best chance of obtaining a companion who is a true representative of it's breed.
A good breeder will have screened the the parents for genetic problems.
Your kitten/cat will have been given the best start in life by being reared in clean surroundings with lots of loving care.
I suggest that you should research the Silver Persian breed thoroughly, BEFORE purchase.



All deposits are NON-refundable except for SPECIFIC circumstances.


Also, please beware of Karin Sinn, Brettachtal Cattery in Germany. Please call if you would like more information on this womans behavior, and what she has done to me, my loved cats and others..thank you. I HAVE PROOF OF HER FALSE PEDIGREE'S AND BREAKING OF CONTRACTS!!! WILL SEND 100% AUTHENTIC PROOF UPON REQUEST.

I will be glad to email you her signed contract which she did not adhere to. BEWARE


TOY, MINI, Teacup Persians??

read below!!

There have been quite a few websites with Silver and Golden Persians popping up recently CLAIMING to have TOY, MINI, TEACUP etc, size persians.




Silvers and Goldens have alway been smaller than the other persian colors. An average silver/golden female can range from 4-7lbs. An average silver/golden male can range from 5-8lbs.


These new websites are misleading the unsuspecting pet buyers into thinking this trait is RARE, coveted, unusual or new, and charging them exhorbantly high prices ($2,000 - $4,000) for PET QUALITY CATS.


Make YOURSELF an EDUCATED consumer! Check out these advertising tactics by calling CFA or talking to distinquishable breeders. Don't be one to fall for these deceiving websites with false claims.


This type of breeder is usually the person who has one or two cats, almost always PET Quality,who breeds an occasional litter but does not have any affiliation with other breeders nor are they bound by ANY CODES OR ETHICS!! They will claim to have Champion lines, where in reality, you can obtain a Championship in cats with just six winners ribbons, in one day. Now,,Grand Champion is another story(means you have beaten 200 cats in competition. Cats are judged very differently than dogs. They may or may not do health testing and may not be familiar with proper care and conditions for raising a healthy litter of kittens. This type of breeder most often advertises their kittens for sale in the local newspapers also. They also have no idea what a show quality cat really is, because they do not show. GOOD BREEDERS DO NOT GROW ON TREES!!!



 These poor kittens are born and raised in poor conditions and many have multiple health and personality problems. The cats are usually selling at prices far below those of the ethical breeder, the parents have not had the proper health checks before breeding, and there is no way they can give any GUARANTEES. These breeders also have kittens available all year long!! This is a bad situation.


They breed all year for profit ONLY.


It is up to you to decide which type of breeder and guarantee (CONTRACT) you want your kitten/cat to come from. Once you decide, you will have to be patient. It is rare (although it does happen) that a reputable breeder will have a kitten available immediately.



Good luck in your search!!